Wall panels are often the most common and also cost effective acoustic solution for a variety of spaces. Especially for the DIY project, panels can easily be directly fixed to the wall in no time and make an immediate improvement to the acoustics of your office, studio, bedroom or hall. There's not always a one-size-fits-all solution for all panels, as our installations team have learned after a decade fitting panels throughout the UK and Europe. Depending on the products you like, or the manufacturers specifications, the installation method can vary.

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Options available:

Want to know how to install acoustic wall panels? Here are some of the options available.

Contact Adhesive

This is often the quickest and often our most common choice for installing wall panels, and we use this in commercial environments where removing the panels in the future is not a significant concern. Contact adhesive is essentially a permanent solution, so its a good idea to be sure of where you want to install the panel before going ahead with the process. If you need to put up panels quickly, or have quite a few to install, adhesive can be a time saving option.

Acoustic panel adhesive

Spray Adhesive

Split Batten

Split batten is a removable fixing method which involves fixing intertwining aluminium brackets to the wall surface and the back of the panel. The sections join together to hold the panels on to the wall securely. A neat option for domestic applications, or where having the ability to remove the panels easily is required. We can supply split battens in 2.5 metre lengths that are pre drilled with countersunk holes.

split batten

Split Batten Fixing


Heavy duty velco can also be used for lightweight panel installations, and is another great way of ensuring panels can be removable. Some heavy duty velcros can hold up to 7kg, and whilst its not the ideal solution it can still be used for certain applications.

Manufacturer Specific Fixings

Some of our manufacturers such as Abstracta offer their own brackets and fixings suitable specifically for their products. Most manufacturers will also give a guide on how to install acoustic wall panels specific to their products.

Custom Brackets

Got a better idea on how you can fix your panels in your space? Most acoustic panels can be fixed using screws or spirals through the back, allowing for flexibility. Some customers have also used fixed timber shelving to sit the panels on for a temporary and flexible fixing solution. Fortunately, the way the panels are fixed doesn't generally impact the effectiveness of the acoustic absorption.

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