Acoustic Wall Panels
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  1. autex-cube-1
    Autex 'Cube' Acoustic Panel
    Autex Cube is a lightweight acoustic panel that can be used as a complete wall covering, or customised to suit bespoke design requirements.
    From £238.50
  2. Lignosi 'Eco Sound' Slatted Wood Acoustic Panels
    Lignosi 'Eco Sound' Slatted Wood Acoustic Panels

    Timber acoustic panels offer a unique yet stunning solution for acoustic walls, adding natural warm and comfort using natural finishes. Eco Sound is such a fantastic looking and versatile product which looks impressive in almost any interior setting.

    From £118.61
  3. sonics-panel-1
    SilentSpace Fabric Acoustic Panels

    SilentSpace fabric wrapped acoustic panels are a lightweight, cost effective acoustic solution that is super easy to install. Ideal for reducing reverberation in a wide variety of spaces. Order your panels to your exact size requirements below.

    From £62.40
  4. Autex 'Composition Peel 'n' Stick' Wall Tiles
    Autex 'Composition Peel 'n' Stick' Wall Tiles

    With a simple adhesive backing, Peel ‘n’ Stick Tiles offer a modular approach to the traditional acoustic wallcovering; easily mix and match tile shapes and colours to create stunning, practical feature walls.

    From £23.50
  5. Autex 'Groove' Patterned Acoustic Panels
    Autex 'Groove' Patterned Acoustic Panels
    Groove is a cutting edge customisable acoustic panel Autex, allowing bespoke designs to be created out of flat acoustic panels.
    From £325.50
  6. abstracta-bitswall-1
    Abstracta 'Bits Wall' Acoustic Panel
    Bits Wall from Abstracta is a modular acoustic panel system combining the best in modern interor design and acoustic perfomance.
    From £157.50
  7. abstracta-domo
    Abstracta 'Domo Wall' Acoustic Panel
    Domo from Abstracta is a modular acoustic solution consisitng of a solid pine wood frame with a polyester/textile absorbing core.
    From £195.00
  8. abtracta-soneo-1
    Abstracta 'Soneo Wall' Acoustic Panel
    Soneo from Abstracta, is a modular acoustic wall panel system which can cover large wall areas thanks to its discreet, smoooth design.
    From £121.10
  9. abstracta-triline-2
    Abstracta 'Triline Wall' Acoustic Panel
    Triline from Abstracta, is a modular acoustic panel system suitable for wall covering applications. The angled shaped of Triline, is not only an aesthetic statement but also adds extended acoustic properties.
    From £188.25
  10. devorm-mute-flow-1
    De Vorm 'Mute Flow' Acoustic Panel

    De Vorm Mute Flow is a universal acoustic panel, made from sustainable PET felt serving both acoustic and aesthetic purposes. A range of 11 colours available. 

    From £296.00
  11. devorm-mute-fit-1
    De Vorm 'Mute Fit' Acoustic Panel
    De Vorm Mute Fit is designed to match every size and surface, as a universal curtain-like patterned acoustic panel. A range of 11 colours available.
    From £296.00
  12. abstracta-scala-wall.png
    Abstracta 'Scala' Acoustic Wall Panel
    The Abstracta Scala acoustic wall panels offer a unique corrugated iron look, whilst adding sound absorption to walls in any space.
    From £616.50

Acoustic Wall Panels

Acoustic Wall Panels are one of the most common options when dealing with excess reverberation within a variety of spaces room. For spaces with lower ceilings and no exposed services above, walls are an ideal surface to apply acoustic panels, and can be quickly and easily installed using light adhesives or fixings. Whether you are chasing noise reduction to a home office, meeting room or classroom, our wide range of absorptive panels can help transform the performance and comfort of the space. Browse our range of products from the UK and Europe's top acoustic brands. Need help? Get in contact with us.