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    SilentSpace Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Panels - Custom Sizes

    SilentSpace fabric wrapped acoustic panels are a lightweight, cost effective acoustic solution that is super easy to install. Ideal for reducing reverberation in a wide variety of spaces. Order your panels to your exact size requirements below.

    From £139.00
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    Eco Sound Slatted Wood Acoustic Panels - 2400 x 600mm
    Eco Sound Slatted Wood Acoustic Panels - 2400 x 600mm

    Eco Sound timber slat acoustic panels offer a luxury solution for walls, adding natural warmth and comfort using natural wood veneer. Eco Sound is a fantastic looking and versatile product which looks impressive in any domestic or commercial settings.


    From £119.00
  3. autex-cube-1
    Autex 'Cube' PET Acoustic Panel - 2440 x 1220mm

    Autex Cube is a lightweight acoustic panel that can be used as a complete wall covering, or customised to suit bespoke design requirements. Cube can be cut, moulded, printed, pressed, and grooved to create high-performance acoustic features for any interior space.

    From £219.00
  4. ecophon-akusto-one-sq.jpg
    Ecophon 'Akusto One' Circle Acoustic Wall Panels - Multiple Sizes
    Ecophon Akusto One SQ wall panels are designed for outstanding acoustic performance, with a unique absorbing glasswool core which is highly effective.
    From £217.00
  5. Autex 'Groove' Patterned Acoustic Panels - 2440 x 1220mm
    Autex 'Groove' Patterned Acoustic Panels - 2440 x 1220mm

    Autex Groove is a cutting edge customisable acoustic panel, allowing bespoke designs to be created out of flat PET acoustic panels.

    From £269.00
  6. 14six8 'Decorative' Wall Tiles - 597 x 597mm
    14six8 'Decorative' Wall Tiles - 597 x 597mm

    14six8 decorative acoustic wall tiles redefine dramatic visual impact and modern expressionism while enhancing acoustic performance within a space through functionality and aesthetic versatility.

    From £133.00
  7. quietspace-wall.jpg
    Autex 'Quietspace' Wall and Ceiling Panels - 2400 x 1200mm
    Autex Quietspace is a market leading product when it comes to controlling reverberation, and is suitable for both wall and ceiling applications.
    From £185.00
  8. 14six8 '3D Acoustic Wall Tiles' - 597 x 597mm
    14six8 '3D Acoustic Wall Tiles' - 597 x 597mm
    These 3D Acoustic Wall Tiles from 14six8 create a stunning, textured and functional dimension to any vertical surface, whilst adding sound absorption to the space.
    From £131.90
  9. abstracta-bitswall-1
    Abstracta 'Bits Wall' Acoustic Panel - 510 x 575mm
    Bits Wall from Abstracta is a modular acoustic panel system combining the best in modern interor design and acoustic perfomance.
    From £169.00
  10. abstracta-triline-2
    Abstracta 'Triline Wall' Acoustic Panel - 800 x 400mm
    Triline from Abstracta, is a modular acoustic panel system suitable for wall covering applications. The angled shaped of Triline, is not only an aesthetic statement but also adds extended acoustic properties.
    From £204.00
  11. devorm-mute-fit-1
    De Vorm 'Mute Fit' Acoustic Panel - 2390 x 790mm
    De Vorm Mute Fit is designed to match every size and surface, as a universal curtain-like patterned acoustic panel. A range of 11 colours available.
    From £355.00