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Sonio brings you a carefully selected range of acoustic products available to purchase online. A decade of experience in the interior acoustics industry working with leading acoustic panel manufacturer brands allows us to recommend simple and effective solutions to common acoustic issues in domestic and commercial environments.

Popular Products

Autex Cube
Autex Cube panel is a lightweight acoustic performer that ships as a semi-rigid acoustic panel, that is highly durable and offering long term stability, rigidity and performance.
Silent Space Wall Panels
These fabric wrapped acoustic panels are a lightweight, cost effective acoustic solution that is super easy to install. Ideal for reducing reverberation in a wide variety of spaces.
Lignosi Eco Sound
Timber acoustic panels offer a unique yet stunning solution for acoustic walls, adding natural warm and comfort to a room using natural finishes.
We offer samples of many of our products so you can get an idea of the finishes in real life.
Ecophon Solo Circle
Solo are free hanging acoustic rafts which suspend from the ceiling using simple hangers, offering a cost effective and reliable acoustic solution.
De Vorm Mute Flow
De Vorm Mute Flow is a universal acoustic panel, made from sustainable PET felt serving both acoustic and aesthetic purposes.
Autex Cascade
A flexible way of adding acoustic comfort and privacy, while providing partition for effective space organisation.
Baux 3D Pixel
BAUX 3D Pixel acoustic tiles create a three-dimensional effect by combining different depth tiles which can be arranged in any configuration or colour combination to create a bespoke acoustic wall.
Abstracta Aircone
Abstracta Aircone is a modular hanging acoustic screen system, moulded into three-dimensional triangular panels.
MuteDesign Towers
MuteDesign Tower is a unique yet simple solution to the most common acoustic issues in conference rooms and other spaces.
Offecct Soundwave Geo
Soundwave Geo is a lightweight textured acoustic wall panel, whith a unique etched pattern moulded into the polyester
14six8 Harmony
Harmony ceiling panels from 14six8 encompasses style, form and function, bringing acoustic comfort to the forefront of any commercial space.
Autex Vicinity Sol
Bring balance and comfort to your workspace using Vicinity Sol acoustic desk screens from Autex, available in all Cube colours.



We work directly with the leading acoustic product suppliers across the globe, maintaining close relationships to ensure we can provide the latest and greatest acoustic products directly to our customers at great prices.

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Ideas and Insights

Are you looking for a bit of inspiration?, or would simply like to see how the products might look in your space?. With over 5,000 acoustic installations carried out, we have seen everything, from the simple and discreet, to using acoustic materials as a the architectural focal point. Take a look through our image library of projects in progress and completed. If you see something you like, please get in touch. Deep Blue

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