Acoustic Furniture and Pods
Furniture and Pods
  1. Abstracta 'Domo Wall Booth'
    Abstracta 'Domo Wall Booth'

    Abstracta Domo booths are ideal acoustic solutions for busy offices that require private spaces in which to conduct phone conversations

    From £1,085.00
  2. mutedesign-tower-cube.jpg
    MuteDesign 'Tower' Cube Acoustic Tower
    MuteDesign Tower is a unique yet simple solution to the most common acoustic issues in conference rooms and other spaces.
    From £635.00
  3. mutedesign-tower-cylinder-2.jpg
    MuteDesign 'Tower' Cylinder Acoustic Tower
    MuteDesign Tower is a unique yet simple solution to the most common acoustic issues in conference rooms and other spaces.
    From £635.00
  4. MuteDesign 'Booth' Acoustic Booth
    MuteDesign 'Booth' Acoustic Booth

    MuteDesign acoustic wall 'Booth' creates an office quiet zone for private phone call. A wall-mounted telephone hood that provides instant and temporary privacy.

    From £702.63
  5. abstracta-db-floorscreen-3.jpg
    Abstracta 'dB Floor Screen'
    The Abstracta dB floor screen is a free standing sound absorbing screen, and provides a discrete dividing solution for open plan spaces.
    From £390.75
  6. rondo-hey-sign-1.jpg
    Hey-Sign Rondo Foam Filled Seating
    The Rondo stool from Hey-Sign is a foam filled round stool available in various sizes and colours.
    From £215.60
  7. 14six8 'Hide' Acoustic Pod
    14six8 'Hide' Acoustic Pod
    Hide from 14six8 is a desktop acoustic booth designed to give employees their own space to focus within busy office environments. Also great for remote working.
    From £359.00

Acoustic Furniture and Pods

Ready to silence the noise and give your space a functional and stylish upgrade? Say hello to acoustic furniture! From chairs to sofas to movable or permanent acoustic pods, this furniture is the perfect solution for open plan offices, restaurants, and even homes that are in need of some serious noise reduction.

At Muffle, we only offer the highest quality acoustic solutions, and our acoustic furniture is no exception. We carry a range of top-notch products from leading brands in the acoustic industry such as BuzziSpace, 14Six8, and Abstracta.

Our collection of acoustic furniture comes in a variety of colours, designs, shapes and sizes, ensuring that there is a piece that will suit any individual project and blend seamlessly into any environment. So, whether you're in need of a comfy acoustic chair for your office, or a sleek and stylish acoustic lighting fixture for your restaurant, we've got you covered.

Do you find it hard to concentrate in your open plan office? Do you need a peaceful oasis amidst the noise and chaos? Look no further than our selection of acoustic pods and booths!

Our acoustic meeting pods are the perfect solution for anyone who needs a functional, yet beautiful way to control the acoustics in their space. From small, one-person phone booths to larger, fully-contained seating units, our pods come in a range of sizes and designs to meet your specific needs.

Don't hesitate to reach out to our team if you have any questions about our range of high-quality acoustic furniture. Let's make your space the ultimate oasis of peace and quiet!