Our Story

A bit of history

Our story begins well before the inception of the Sonio brand, with our past deeply rooted in the interior acoustics industry. As the UK’s first interior acoustic specialists, for the past decade we have specialised in the design, supply and installation of comprehensive acoustic solutions. Our aim has always been to help create spaces that are both beautiful but also perform well acoustically.


Sonio Story

As the world of acoustics has grown, so has the demand for fast, affordable and attractive solutions to common acoustic issues. Sonio was launched as an accessible supplier of acoustic panels which are simple to install, but also provide effective sound absorption to reduce reverberation within your space.

Benefits of


Noise annoys us. It stresses us out. Surveys have shown that within workplaces, noise is biggest distraction to productivity and comfort and costs companies in Europe up to £30 billion annually. Whilst offices are the most common spaces which require acoustic attention, virtually all areas will benefit from effective acoustic treatment. Restaurants, sports halls, churches, libraries and classrooms can all be significantly improved with effective room treatment.