Acoustic Lighting
  1. devorm-mute-flow-floating-1
    De Vorm 'Mute Flow Floating' Ceiling Panel - 2390 x 790mm
    De Vorm Mute Flow Floating is a hanging acoustic panel used made from sustainable PET felt serving both acoustic and aesthetic purposes. For ceiling applications, available in a range of 11 colours.
    From £747.00
  2. abstracta-scala-ceiling.png
    Abstracta 'Scala Ceiling' Acoustic Panel with or without Lighting - 1600 x 1207mm

    The Abstracta Scala Ceiling acoustic panels offer a unique corrugated iron look, whilst adding sound absorption to the ceiling areas. Available with lighting integrated in the panel. 

    From £619.00
  3. Impact Acoustic 'Bysso' Acoustic Lighting
    Impact Acoustic 'Bysso' Acoustic Lighting

    Bysso from Impact Acoustic is a PET acoustic ceiling panel with an integrated recessed linear LED Light, combining acoustic performance with subtle lighting. 

    From £934.50
  4. Abstracta 'Holly' Acoustic Ceiling Lighting
    Abstracta 'Holly' Acoustic Ceiling Lighting

    The Abstracta Holly acoustic ceiling light fixtures come in two versatile variations, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your specific needs. Available with or without lighting. 

    From £1,014.30
  5. De Vorm 'Fost' Large Felt Acoustic Lamp - Ø1180mm Diameter
    De Vorm 'Fost' Large Felt Acoustic Lamp - Ø1180mm Diameter

    Available in 11 unique blends, Fost Large from De Vorm is suitable for any setting. This PET Felt lampshade features a soft texture, with a bold ribbed pattern available in a variety of colours.

    From £1,562.00
  6. Abstracta 'Lily' Acoustic Lamp Absorber - Multiple Sizes
    Abstracta 'Lily' Acoustic Lamp Absorber - Multiple Sizes

    Abstracta’s Lily acoustic lamp offers the perfect blend of lighting and acoustics. The integrated LED light contributes to a pleasant visual ambience whilst the high-performance sound absorbent felt improves the overall sound environment. 

    From £797.30
  7. Abstracta 'Moon' Acoustic Lamp - Ø550mm Diameter
    Abstracta 'Moon' Acoustic Lamp - Ø550mm Diameter

    The Abstracta Moon lamp, designed in the shape of a globe, excels in both acoustic performance and ambient lighting quality. Its globe form, featuring an aperture at the bottom, directs light downward ideal for workspaces.

    From £1,014.30
  8. De Vorm 'Pivot' PET Felt Adjustable Acoustic Lamp
    De Vorm 'Pivot' PET Felt Adjustable Acoustic Lamp

    The De Vorm Pivot lamp boasts an aluminum rail encased by a split PET Felt cap. Its rotatable fixture allows the cap to be adjusted into five different positions, directing the light as needed

    From £825.00
  9. NEW!
    Abstracta 'Vika' Acoustic Lamp Absorber - 1500mm x 155mm x 283mm
    Abstracta 'Vika' Acoustic Lamp Absorber - 1500mm x 155mm x 283mm

    Abstracta Vika Acoustic Lighting represents an innovative fusion of sound absorption and lighting technology, designed to enhance both the acoustic and visual ambiance of contemporary spaces.

    From £710.00
  10. Muuto 'Under the Bell' Pendant Light
    Muuto 'Under the Bell' Pendant Light

    The 'Under the Bell' felt pendant light from Muuto combines classical Scandinavian aesthetics, adding warmth and texture whilst contributing to improved acoustics. 

    From £495.00
  11. BuzziPleat Pendant Light
    BuzziPleat Pendant Light

    BuzziPleat is a handpleated felt pendant lightshade, folded to maximise surface and absorption area, delivering excellent acoustic performance. 

    From £944.52
  12. BuzziShade SQ Acoustic Pendant Lamp
    BuzziShade SQ Acoustic Pendant Lamp

    The classic BuzziShade lamp reinterpreted with a twist. The BuzziShade SQ offers elegant noise-reduction, designed with a keen eye for detail. 

    From £725.34

Acoustic Lighting

Welcome to Sonio, the land of functional acoustic products! We're all about bringing you the best of both worlds, which is why our acoustic lighting range is so exciting. Imagine, hanging lighting units made from acoustic materials that not only light up your space but also keep it nice and quiet. How cool is that?

We've teamed up with some of the top dogs in the design game, including BuzziSpace, Muuto and De Vorm, to bring you the very best in acoustic lighting. Whether you're looking to jazz up your restaurant or bar, or you want to add a touch of modern elegance to your office or meeting room, we've got you covered.

Take a gander at our selection of acoustic lights and prepare to be wowed by the array of colours, fabrics, and specifications available. And if you've got any questions, don't be shy! Our team is always on standby to lend a helping hand. Contact us

So why settle for boring, plain lighting when you can have acoustic lighting that's both practical and stylish? Come on, hop on the trend train and see what all the fuss is about!