Acoustic Ceiling Baffles
Ceiling Baffles
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    Ecophon 'Solo' Baffle - Suspended Acoustic Ceiling Baffle

    SOLO Baffles are vertically installed ceiling baffles which suspend from the ceiling using hangers, and are used to allow access lights and services.

    From £65.00
  2. 14six8-harmony-1
    14six8 'Harmony' Suspended Acoustic Ceiling Panel - Multiple Sizes
    Harmony ceiling panels from 14six8 encompasses style, form and function, bringing acoustic comfort to the forefront of any commercial space.
    From £349.00
  3. lattice-trapezium
    Autex 'Lattice' Acoustic Ceiling Baffles
    Autex Lattice is a unique acoustic baffle system which includes three standard designs and bespoke design possibility.
    From £849.00
  4. abstracta-trumpet.jpg
    Abstracta 'Trumpet' Suspended Absorber
    The Abstracta Trumpet suspended acoustic panel acts as an effective yet subtle sound absorber, available with or without lighting.
    From £715.00
  5. scala-hanging.jpg
    Abstracta 'Scala Suspended' Vertical Ceiling Panel - Multiple Sizes
    The Abstracta Scala suspended acoustic panels offer a unique corrugated iron look, whilst adding sound absorption the space.
    From £337.50
  6. Impact Acoustic 'Nebula' Ceiling Baffles
    Impact Acoustic 'Nebula' Ceiling Baffles

    Nebula ceiling baffles from Impact Acoustic provide an optimal, modular acoustic solution for open ceilings. Suspended using a tool-free plug-in system. 

    From £390.18
  7. Impact Acoustic 'Straight' Ceiling Baffles
    Impact Acoustic 'Straight' Ceiling Baffles

    Impact Acoustic Straight ceiling bafffles are a simple yet timeless acoustic solution for almost any space. Available in all Archisonic recylced PET colours. 

    From £572.46
  8. ReFelt 'Double' Acoustic Baffles Straight
    ReFelt 'Double' Acoustic Baffles Straight

    Double Baffles are supported by EasyGrid, the suspension system developed by ReFelt for a simple and fast installation.

    From £795.00
  9. SilentSpace Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Ceiling Baffles - Multiple Sizes
    SilentSpace Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Ceiling Baffles - Multiple Sizes

    SilentBaffle from SilentSpace is a high performing, cost effective acoustic solution for ceilings. Available in a variety of Camira fabrics. Suspension kits included. 

    From £75.00
  10. Abstracta 'Holly' Acoustic Ceiling Lighting
    Abstracta 'Holly' Acoustic Ceiling Lighting

    The Abstracta Holly acoustic ceiling light fixtures come in two versatile variations, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your specific needs. Available with or without lighting. 

    From £1,995.00

Acoustic Ceiling Baffles

Acoustic baffles are a stunning and unique acoustic solution for open ceilings that bring various acoustic benefits to various spaces. These long but shallow acoustic panels are suspended vertically, creating a visual barrier in the air. Acoustic ceiling baffles are particularly effective, and most commonly used in longer narrow spaces. These might include smaller open plan offices, where sound needs to be controlled over a long distance range. The SONIO range of baffles features products from companies such as Autex, Ecophon and SilentSpace.

Baffles available in a range of shapes, sizes and materials. Here we have featured some of the more common designs and layouts, but feel free to contact us with any unique design requests or requirments. Baffles are fixed vertically from the above using hangers, and can be customised to create a completely bespoke acoustic ceiling system.