Acoustic Fabric
  1. autex-symphony.jpg
    Autex 'Symphony' Fabric - 122cm width
    Autex Symphony is a thick acoustic fabric that is designed to be used similarly to wall paper, while offering acoustic absorption and a sleek smooth finish.
    From £45.00
  2. autex-composition.jpg
    Autex 'Composition' Fabric - 122cm width
    Autex Composition acoustic fabric allows freedom to create an acoustically sound space, by covering hard wall surfaces to reduce reverberation.
    From £36.00
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    Camira 'Blazer' Fabric - 140cm width

    Camira Blazer is a classic wool fabric with a cloth felted finish. It's also breathable making it an excellent acoustic fabric. 

    From £59.00
  4. autex-vertiface.jpg
    Autex 'Vertiface' Acoustic Fabric - 130cm width
    Autex Vertiface is a flexible decorative acoustic fabric that acts as the finishing touch for Autex acoustic panel systems
    From £25.00
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    Camira 'Synergy' Fabric - 140cm width

    Camira Synergy is a soft handle wool blend fabric, featuring a huge range of dyed shades. Synergy is a breathable acoustic fabric perfect for wrapping panels. 

    From £59.00
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    Camira 'Cara' Fabric - 170cm width

    Camira Cara is a plain weave fabric available in a wide range of colour and pattern styles, and is perfect for use as an acoustic fabric.

    From £13.95
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    Camira 'Era' Fabric - 140cm width

    Camira Era is a two tone polyester fabric, allowing for stretch in both directions, making it an excellent choice for stretched fabric systems.

    From £19.90

Acoustic Fabric

An acoustic fabric allows air and sound to pass through without too much interference into the absorbing backing behind. With a huge range of colours and textures available, truly unique and stunning acoustic installations can be achieved on walls, ceilings and even concrete pillars. A great choice for a variety of applications including home offices, classrooms, meeting rooms and more.

Transform your walls and pillars into functional works of art with acoustic fabrics! Not only do they look great, but they also improve the acoustics of your space. Say goodbye to annoying echoes and hello to a more comfortable environment in your office, classroom, or studio.

With a wide range of colors to choose from, you can create stunning installations that will impress anyone who walks into the room. And for a truly unique look, check out our innovative acoustic wallpaper! These stylish tiles can be easily installed in both residential and commercial spaces, reducing reverberation and sound propagation while adding a touch of personality to your walls.

Have any questions? Don't hesitate to contact us - we're here to help you find the perfect acoustic solution for your space. So let's get creative and transform your walls into functional, fabulous works of art!