Autex Acoustics Ltd are a UK based wing of Autex Industries that deliver world-class sustainable acoustic products throughout UK and into Europe. They specialise in textiles and advanced polyester fibre technology, with all products manufactured from 100% polyester. This makes them a great high performance acoustic solution suitable for reducing echo and reverberation in a variety of interior spaces.

They have grown to become a market leading acoustic brand, continuing to design and innovate new acoustic products that tick all the boxes that the leading architects and designers look for. As creators, they understand the bold and unusual requirements of cutting edge projects, causing them to focus on complete design flexibility and customisation of their products.


Acoustics & Well-Being

How you feel in a designed space is paramount to its success. One variable that has traditionally been overlook but is under particular scrutiny today is sound. Echo and reverberation can cause significant distraction, resulting in a significant drop in productivity (up to 66%) whilst also increasing stress levels.

In recent years, we have seen a shift in office design focus. Acoustics are now a major architectural consideration when it comes to the layout, finishes and overall design of both open plan offices, meeting rooms and audio visual spaces. Good acoustics are as essential as good lighting, flow and furniture design.

Autex Acoustics intelligent and sustainable acoustic solution integrate seamlessly into different architectural features and contexts, whilst also contributing to improved health and well-being in working environments. With open plan offices being the weapon of choice for most modern companies, the addition of stylish yet effective acoustic absorption is almost also required.

Thanks to the endless customisation available with Autex PET products, natural elements can also be integrated into the design to assist in softening traditionally harsh office spaces.

Autex Custom

Custom Cut Autex Cube


Autex Sustainability Pillars

With a dedicated commitment to fighting change, Autex actively monitor emissions during their manufacturing and supply processes. Their Carbon Neutral Initiative involves working directly with customers to lower the environmental impact of their projects, including reducing wastage and total number of shipments required to complete projects in full.

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Autex Cube

This lightweight PET acoustic performer is a semi rigid acoustic panel which can be configured or customised to achieve just about anything the heart (or mind) of the designer desires. Cube is lightweight, easy to handle and shape whilst being exceptionally durable. The modular nature of the panel allows it to be used for a variety of applications including decorative wall coverings, acoustic pinboards, or laser cut with custom designs.

Cube is core to Autex's sustainability promise, containing a minimum of 60% recycled PET from old plastic bottles. Uncontaminated cube panels can also be recycled into new product.

Autex Cascade

The ideal solution for open plan office and other large spaces due to its versatility, flexibility and complete freedom of design. These panels hang directly from the ceiling or sofitt to provide a sense of privacy and seperation, whilst adding acoustic absorption to reduce noise levels.

While there are many installation variations possible, the most common is to fix to top and bottom to avoid too much movement or swinging of the screen after fitting.


Autex Groove

Autex Groove is a customisation tool used to create custom angular cuts and designs on Cube acoustic panels. Groove allows you to explore the realms of possibility in design, adding depth, nuance and texture to interior spaces whilst treating acoustic issues in the process.



SONIO, Resonics & Autex

We've worked with Autex for years as their preferred installers on some great office projects for companies like WeWork, Spotify, Apple and a 54-floor fit out at London's City Bank HQ. For supply and installation requirements, please get in touch with the Resonics team. For supply only, feel free to browse Autex' standard products on SONIO.