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Product and Installation

Do your products come with everything I need to install them?

We provide recommendations on what fixing method to use for each of our products, although this can vary by application.

Can I order custom sized panels?

Our Fabric-wrapped acoustic panels can be custom-made to a particular size. Just visit the product page and input your desired dimensions!

Do your products come with installation guides?

All of our products will include installation instructions for you to follow.

Do you offer installation?

Do you offer installation? We do offer an installation service, however longer lead times and added charges will need to be quoted. If you are looking for supply and installation, it is best to get in contact with us directly before placing an order online.

Orders & Delivery

I just placed an order. When can I expect delivery?

Lead times can vary quite a bit, as we source products from all over Europe. Lead times will be clearly shown for each product in our range.

I ordered the wrong item. How can I return a product?

Products can be returned within 30 days (excluding custom products). We require customers to pay for return shipping, as well as the cost of the initial delivery.

Can I track my order?

We will provide updates once your order is ready to be despatched. You will also receive a tracking number from our couriers once the order is on the way.

About Sonio

How long has Sonio been around?

Whilst Sonio is a new player in 2020, we are supported by the leading interior acoustics installer.

What is the difference between Sonio and other companies?

Thanks to our experience in the industry, we can accurately advise you on the products that will actually make a difference and improve your acoustic issues.

Acoustics FAQ's

Sound Absorption and Sound Proofing – What’s the Difference?

We often are contacted by people wanting to solve ‘sound proofing’ issues in their home or business. There is an important difference between ‘sound proofing’ and ‘sound absorption’ that you need to be aware of when browsing the products on Sonio.

What is sound absorption?

Sound absorption deals with the treatment of high reverberation or echo within a space. Absorbing materials and products work by absorbing sound waves that are travelling through a space and bouncing off hard surfaces. Absorption has a significant impact on the users experience within the space. Rooms with the correct Reverberation time will be comfortable for the occupants to work, study, host an event etc. and this can vary depending on the space.

What is sound proofing?

Sound proofing is significantly different, as it usually involves blocking external noise from entering the room (or prevent it from leaving the room). It can be quite difficult to completely sound proof a room.

Do I need sound absorption or sound proofing?

Its quite simple. Do you want to treat echo and noise within the space? You need sound absorption. Do you want prevent noise entering/exiting the space? You need sound proofing.

What can the products on Sonio help with?

Products on this site will ONLY be effective for sound absorption purposes. We do not offer any product that will work as a sound proofing solution.

What is reverberation time?

Reverberation time is the most important factor when assessing a room with a noise problem. RT is defined as the time it takes, in seconds, for the sound pressure level to drop by 60dB after the source has stopped generating the sound. A room with a high RT generally has a problem with noise as sound travels for long distances without being absorbed. Rooms with a high RT almost always have an issue with echo as sound is reflected from hard surface to hard surface.


Wall Panels
Acoustic wall panels are the most common acoustic panel which is also the simplest to install. They can solve a number of acoustic problems, especially where ceiling space cannot be utilised.
Ceiling Panels
Horizontally fixed ceiling panels can absorb sound on all sides, allowing them to perform the bulk of the grunt work when controlling reverberation in large open spaces.
Ceiling baffles fix vertically to the ceiling, and are ideal for when busy ceiling layouts prevent horizontal panel applications. Allows for easy integration of services.
A flexible way of adding acoustic comfort and privacy, while providing partition for effective space organisation.
Acoustic fabric allows for an aesthetic and effective acoustic solution, with almost endless possibilities.
The integration of lighting systems into sound absorbing products is a highly interesting and unique design specification. They offer added absorption to acoustically treated spaces.
Acoustic furniture can provide an added level of acoustic absorption within spaces. Acoustic pods are also available for added call privacy in busy offices.
Fixings, Hangers, Adhesives and more for completing your acoustic treatment install.
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