Abstracta 'Domo Wall Booth'

From £1,085.00

Abstracta Domo booths are ideal acoustic solutions for busy offices that require private spaces in which to conduct phone conversations

From £1,085.00
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(Sold in packs of 1)

Abstracta Domo sound-absorbing foam wall booth is perfect for busy, open-plan workspaces, where privacy can be hard to find. Two versions are available, one opening to the left and one to the right. The booth includes a white lacquered MDF shelf, upholstered sound absorbent screens in the roof and walls. Available in more fabric choices on request. 

Finish Fabric
Fixing Method Brackets
Acoustic Performance Class C
Best For Museum/Library, Office, Restaurant/Hotel, School/Classroom, Village/Church Hall
Lead Time 3-4 Weeks
Brand Abstracta
Application Walls
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