Abstracta 'Zen Pod - Advanced' Small Acoustic Pod

From £16,422.00

A mobile, quiet room for 1 person. Perfect for taking phone calls or working in a focused space. Crafted with natural oak detailing and beige finished aluminium.

From £16,422.00
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(Sold in packs of 1)
PRODUCT CODE: 198 501 70

The Zen Pod offers not just a sanctuary for solitude or a brief respite. It's an experience to relish, crafted with a minimalist yet inviting blend of materials like timber, wool, glass, aluminum, and steel. This compact, tranquil space transcends mere silence, elevating it to an art form.


Key Features of Zen Pod:

  • Minimalist Design: Less is more, and Zen Pod proves it.
  • Quality Materials: Timber, wool, and metals like aluminum and steel add a tactile richness.
  • Compact Size: Ideal for any space, offering a quiet retreat without a large footprint.
Finish Metal
Acoustic Performance Class A
Best For Home Office/Domestic, Hospital, Meeting/AV Room, Museum/Library, Office, Restaurant/Hotel, School/Classroom, Village/Church Hall
Lead Time 3-4 Weeks
Brand Abstracta
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