Ecophon 'Solo' Rectangle - Suspended Acoustic Ceiling Raft - Multiple Sizes

From £153.45

SOLO from Ecophon are free hanging acoustic rafts which suspend from the ceiling using simple hangers, offering a cost effective and reliable acoustic solution. Sold in packs of 2; order the required qty of panels. 

From £153.45
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(Sold in packs of 2)

The Ecophon Solo range of panels is widely regarded as the very best high to mid frequency sound absorber available. Commonly used in the office, schools, restaurants and halls to reduce echo. If you are looking for a frameless, clean lined panel for the ceiling which will instantly kill a harsh reverb, this is the product you need. The finish is called Akutex FT - which is a breathable paint technology not dissimilar to a mineral fibre ceiling tile.

The Ecophon Solo Rectangle is a high-performance acoustic panel, designed to offer exceptional sound absorption. This unframed, free-hanging unit provides significant flexibility in design, both in terms of colors and suspension systems. It's particularly beneficial in spaces where maintaining room volume is important or when the installation of a wall-to-wall ceiling is not feasible. The panels feature straight, color-coated edges, contributing to a neat and cohesive aesthetic.

Key features of the Ecophon Solo Rectangle include:

  1. Superior Acoustic Qualities: The panel is engineered for superior sound absorption, making it an ideal choice for environments where controlling sound levels is crucial.

  2. Variety in Sizes: The Ecophon Solo Rectangle is available in several dimensions, including 3000x1200x40 mm, 2400x1200x40 mm, 2400x600x40 mm, and 1800x1200x40 mm. This range of sizes ensures versatility in application across different room types and sizes.

  3. Design Flexibility: With a variety of colors and suspension options, these panels offer extensive design possibilities. They enable the creation of unique aesthetic configurations and can be arranged in multiple layers and angles using different suspension systems.

  4. Thickness and Weight: All panels and systems are uniformly 40 mm thick. The weight of the panels varies from approximately 6.5 to 14.5 kg, depending on their size.

  5. Installation and Suspension Systems: The Ecophon Solo Rectangle can be installed using three different suspension systems, allowing for creative setups and easy integration into a variety of spaces.

  6. Color Options and Edge Design: The panels come in a wide range of colors, catering to diverse design preferences. The straight, painted edges add to the sleekness and modern appearance of the panels.

Solo Rectangle is suitable for a range of applications, including offices, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and any other environments where both acoustic performance and aesthetic appeal are desired. Its combination of functional excellence and design versatility makes it a top choice for architects and interior designers.

Finish Painted
Fixing Method Wire Hangers
Acoustic Performance Class A
Best For Cinema/Auditorium, Hospital, Meeting/AV Room, Museum/Library, Office, Restaurant/Hotel, School/Classroom, Sports Hall, Swimming Pool, Village/Church Hall, Warehouse/Industrial
Lead Time 6-10 Days
Brand Ecophon
Application Ceilings
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