Soft dB 'Deep' Sound Masking Machine


The Soft dB Deep Ambient Sound Machine & Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Combines to create better sleep at night, and greater focus while you work! Choose from 7 ambient sounds or true sound masking.

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(Sold in packs of 1)

Sound masking systems have become increasingly popular in commercial working spaces over the last few years. Sound masking refers to the process of adding background sound to reduce the distractions of noise, protect speech privacy and increase comfort. Proper sound masking machines are engineered to the frequencies of human speech, whilst subtly masking ambient operating noise.


Sound masking does not cancel sound or eliminate all speech noise in an environment; it simply reduces how far away conversations can be heard and understood by others, which is referred to as radius of distraction. Often confused with 'White Noise', sound masking noises are similar to the sound of airflow.


The Best Sounds for Sleep, Relaxation, and Focus?

Deep includes them all, perfectly tuned and ready to play

Does your Bluetooth speaker let you play soothing background noise and a variety of ambient nature sounds without being paired to your phone or tablet—and with no internet? This speaker does.


Long-Lasting Rechargeable Battery

You won't drain that battery dry anytime soon.

Spend more time listening to what makes you feel good and less time recharging your Deep speaker, thanks to a powerful rechargeable 4400mAh lithium-ion battery providing up to 20 hours of wireless music playback and 48 hours of built-in ambient sound playback on a single charge.

  • 20 hours continuous wireless music playback over Bluetooth at moderate volume.
  • 48 hours continuous ambient sound playback at low volume: 6 full nights of quality sleep.
  • 10 hours continuous wireless music playback over Bluetooth at maximum volume.


Finish Plastic
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Best For Home Office/Domestic, Meeting/AV Room, Museum/Library, Office, Studio
Lead Time 2-3 Weeks
Brand Soft DB
Application Desk
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