SilentSpace Rotofast Snap On Fixings (50 pack)


Snap on Anchor fixings suitable for fiberglass/glass wool acoustic panels such as our SilentSpace wall panels. Pack of 50

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(Sold in packs of 1)

The Rotofast Snap On Anchor is an easy to use, two-part fastener system designed for use with most rigid fiberglass core acoustical panels. Whether you are a contractor or just installing the panels yourself, the Rotofast Snap On Anchors are quick and efficient to install. These mechanical panel fasteners require no glue and relatively no time-consuming measurements. The anchors simply install into the back of the panel and allow you to mark where the anchors will mount. Then screw the ratchets to the wall and push the panel into place. 


Each Rotofast Snap On Anchor 50 Pack Includes: (50) Snap on Anchors, (50) Ratchets, (50) EZ Anchors for Drywall, (50) 2 in. #8 Screws, (6) Marking Plugs, (1) Rotofast Hex Tool and installation guide. An installation guide is located in the documents tab of this web page.

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