NatureWall 'SlatWall Grand' Timber Acoustic Panels

From £169.99

An enhanced iteration of NatureWall's signature slatted structure, with wider slats and narrow gaps to add further texture to walls.

From £169.99
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Unveiling a seamless blend of spatial expansiveness and natural allure, NatureWall SlatWall Grand panels are meticulously crafted in the UK, echoing a marriage of aesthetic finesse and acoustic brilliance. The design entails a widened version of their signature slatted wood wall panels, amplifying the visual depth and creating a captivating 3D linear format that's both trendy and timeless​. The wider slats and narrowed gaps are more than a mere design choice; they are a calculated endeavor to induce a luxurious vibe, offering a plush look that's bound to elevate the ambiance of any room they adorn​.

Embracing the warmth and richness of wood, each panel exudes a distinct texture that's poised to add a dose of warmth and sophistication to your interiors. Particularly, the SlatWall Grand Walnut panel, with its enhanced dimensions, accentuates the organic grain pattern of the wood, thereby injecting a luxurious feel and extra texture to the environment​.

The acoustics aren't overshadowed by aesthetics; in fact, they are a paramount feature of the SlatWall Grand panels. The panels boast excellent soundproofing properties, ensuring a serene and comfortable ambiance. When affixed on wood battens with mineral wool in between, they provide a maximized sound absorption, fostering a tranquil atmosphere​​.

The SlatWall Grand is not just a panel; it's an invitation to transform spaces from mundane to magnificent, from residential to commercial domains, exuding a sleek, luxurious finish that's enduring and appealing. It encapsulates a modern yet timeless aesthetic, making it a perfect choice for those seeking to elevate interiors with a blend of dimensional breadth and organic beauty​.

In essence, NatureWall SlatWall Grand panels are not merely about covering walls; they are about making a statement, about bringing a touch of grandeur, acoustic comfort, and a connection to natural elegance in every space they grace.

Finish Wood
Fixing Method Adhesive
Acoustic Performance Class C
Best For Cinema/Auditorium, Home Office/Domestic, Hospital, Meeting/AV Room, Museum/Library, Office, Restaurant/Hotel, School/Classroom, Studio, Swimming Pool, Village/Church Hall, Warehouse/Industrial
Lead Time 6-10 Days
Brand Naturewall
Application Walls
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