BuzziJet Acoustic Pendant Light

From £1,951.13

BuzziJet is a simple pendant light for superior acoustics, with an aerodynamic design offering sound-absorbing capabilities, delivering acoustic comfort paired with a powerful light output.


From £1,951.13
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(Sold in packs of 1)

Create a majestic sense of serenity with this geometric sound-absorbing pendant light. With a powerful light output it helps you light up your mind while reducing noise for improved focus. With a wide range of upholstery fabrics available, BuzziJet, available in two models, can be customised to complement furnishings and decor within various environments, such as workspaces and lobbies.


Wide in diameter, the cylindrical design traps sound waves to bounce back-and-forth within the radius of its circular body, and in turn mitigates noise. With its high density of acoustic material, this solution works on the whole audible spectrum, from low to mid and high tones.



Small: 800ø x 225

Medium: 800ø x 450

XL: 1200ø x 525

XXL: 1500ø x 600


More colour options/combinations may be available on request. Please see brochures for more info. 

Finish Fabric
Fixing Method Wire Hangers
Best For Cinema/Auditorium, Home Office/Domestic, Meeting/AV Room, Museum/Library, Office, Restaurant/Hotel, School/Classroom, Sports Hall, Studio, Village/Church Hall
Lead Time 5-6 Weeks
Brand Buzzi
Application Ceilings
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