14six8 'Groove' Acoustic Screen

From £2,269.00

Groove acoustic screens from 14six8 is acquired in kit form allowing for easy assembly and freedom of design and customisation. 

From £2,269.00
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(Sold in packs of 1)

Office design has progressed a long way over the years with an ever increasing global trend for large open plan working environments. There has however been many compromises that have had to be addressed with this trend such as acoustic considerations, a sense of privacy when required and a broad spectrum of general comfort within the office environment. These considerations are the catalysts behind GROOVE while still maintaining a strong design ethos of form and function.

The system is highly modular and can be assembled and configured into an array of almost endless possibilities to create inspiring geometric landscapes within an envelope with the added convenience of day two re-stacks. Essentially, this kinetic architectural system can evolve as the space it inhabits evolves.


  • Completely modular design
  • 17 vertical struts (2058mm)
  • 14 horizontal struts (1156mm)
  • 8 90 degree corner connectors
  • Coverage of approx 4 sq metres
Finish Polyester Fibre
Fixing Method Brackets
Acoustic Performance Class C
Best For Cinema/Auditorium, Home Office/Domestic, Meeting/AV Room, Museum/Library, Office, Restaurant/Hotel, School/Classroom, Sports Hall, Village/Church Hall
Lead Time 3-4 Weeks
Brand 14six8
Application Floors
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